Happy New Year to all Digital Radio Developers and Followers!

Another year, a better time for digital radio and DRM after the hard pandemic times! Will this be then the year of big DRM announcements, new receivers, great projects?

We hope so and more importantly plan for it. DRM is starting the new year encouraging and supporting the special interest coming from countries like Denmark, Iran, Nepal, Indonesia Australia and many more.

Receivers and receiver solutions are coming on stream and the automotive industry, especially in India, is very much in focus in these first months of 2022. DRM is ready to address African and Caribbean broadcasters, to work with old and trusted members and partners across the globe.

If you are interested in green and energy saving digital broadcasting for your country, for education, for emergency warning and other applications, join us to make 2022 the DRM year!

We are also announcing our General Assembly to be held this year virtually on March 30th. A special occasion to get updated and elected you should definitely not miss.

Now is the time to write to projectoffice@drm.org and join the strong and very committed DRM family!


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