Impactful Symposium In Russia Creates A Working Party

Impactful Symposium In Russia Creates A Working Party

DRM top experts attended a specialised symposium in Moscow from 14th to 16th of October and the feedback has been very good. With more than 30 attendees coming from all around Russia, the symposium organised by the General Radio Frequency Russia on digital radio broadcasting confirmed the great interest from the Russian representatives in the digital radio standard DRM as well as the work they have done on DRM and their own take on DRM+.

This interest has been reinforced by the signature of a common referendum between the Russian General Radio Frequency Center (GRFC) and the DRM Association. The scope of the memorandum is to formalise and firmly establish the exchange of information and cooperation on deployment of digital radio broadcasting systems supported by the two organisations.

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chair said “This was a most interesting and fruitful exchange of real information between Russian and DRM international experts. We hope this will give the right signal to Russian authorities, already committed to DRM, for its mass scale introduction. The presence of broadcasters, manufacturers, academics alongside the GRFC specialists underlines that there is real interest in the DRM 30 development in Russia. Digitising the FM bands is a challenge for which there are different options and I hope that through joint activities the most appropriate solution will be chosen.

The DRM Consortium thanks the Russian General Radio Frequency Center for organizing and hosting this symposium.”