This year RadioAsia set a new mile-stone in terms of the quality of its programme and content, as also in terms of participation of more than 400 delegates, a record in itself.

On the final day of the RadioAsia2013, many facets of radio were explored by eminent panellists, imparting new experiences to the 300 participants. Among the areas addressed were citizen journalism, advertising and audience measurements, success stories from Vietnam, talk radio and its future, and digital convergence where technology empowers radio.

One of the most interesting sessions was that addressed case studies of broadcasters. The success story from the Voice of Vietnam described how radio has been able to take up social issues and bring those to the notice of the authorities for immediate mitigation. VOV has been particularly effective in dealing with even some sensitive issues and achieved considerable success.

The concluding session addressed a techno-content related theme, convergence and how technology empowers radio. Hybrid radio, which receives the broadcast content and also Internet, was described as an interactive platform, supplementing broadcast with additional information. The Digital Radio Mondiale radio broadcasting system was presented with the theme that it was an integral part of a convergence strategy of countries intending to institute digital radio services. The DRM30 system offers cost effective large area coverage in the medium wave band while the DRM+ system offers comprehensive digital radio services in the higher frequency bands. A system of delivering radio content to media enabled devices from several platforms was also described, putting emphasis on the need for metadata that describes the content.

Sharad Sadhu, Media Specialist


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