Indian DRM Stakeholders Urge the Government to Mandate DRM for the FM Bands and Include It in Cellphones

Key DRM stakeholders in India, and other parts of Asia and the world, gathered virtually for a news-packed meeting on October 12th stressing once again the need for the Government to take a decision on the FM band digitisation. The 40 key participants represented the automotive industry, public and private Indian broadcasters, chipset, module and receiver manufacturers from India, China, UK and Germany; other important decision-makers interested in the success of digital radio DRM in India also took part.

The event offered a unique opportunity to get the latest and important DRM news from Asia. They refer to the Indonesian government pronouncing DRM as the standard for Digital Radio Broadcasting in MW and FM bands, and in VHF Band III, China’s commitment to DRM and the recommendation for the automotive industry to include DRM AM receivers in cars, as well as the firm commitment to DRM in all bands and its rollout in Pakistan (  Digital Radio Mondiale DRM Makes Big Announcements at IBC 2023).

The update on digital radio in India and the latest TRAI recommendations (  FM Radio Broadcasting in India by Private Radio Stations and Low Power Small Range Broadcasting in India Allowed in FM and Digital, Too), as well as the extra services offered by DRM (like Emergency Warning Functionality) and the new revenue possibilities opened up by DRM were at the heart of the presentation.

The new DRM1000 module of CML Micro/Cambridge Consultants ( CML New Module DRM1000 Released), its integration into new Gospell receivers, the developments announced by the Indian company, Inntot, and the global perspective brought by NXP (NXP) rounded up a strong event. This underlined the growing strength of digital radio (in the AM and FM bands), the continued investments in DRM and the need for completing the Indian DRM roll-out.

The conclusion of the meeting was that the Indian government needs to take a clear decision on digitising the FM bands. There was also the suggestion made to the government to add to the recent cell phone recommendation (to include FM) that of adding DRM and EWF requirement. At the end of the meeting the Indian and other major DRM stakeholders committed once again their support and readiness to get involved in the full DRM roll-out in India.


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