The All India Radio (AIR) digitisation of MW and SW radio transmissions to the DRM standard is ongoing, in line with the digital priorities set out by the Government.

This is not only a way to meet domestic demand but also a great opportunity for export, and manufacturers are already developing digital DRM radios of various types. The first Indian-made DRM receiver was demonstrated at the IBC in Amsterdam this month, and leading automobile manufacturers are planning to announce launch dates for cars with built-in DRM receivers.

AIR already has eight operational DRM transmitters, with 27 more commissioned. When installation is complete, – by the end of 2014 on current estimates – it is anticipated that over 50% of India’s population will have access to DRM digital signals.

Digitisation can also deliver FM-type quality through MW transmitters, which have practically 100% coverage in the country. This makes it possible not only to reach audiences via existing analogue radio receivers, but can also provide additional audio and other value-added services without the need for extra transmitters – offering excellent opportunities to meet the long-standing demand for an exclusive news channel on radio, to make the commercial service Vividh Bharati available to all Indian radio listeners, or to launch new products, including important text services in multiple Indian languages. The transmitters will also enable disaster warning signals to be broadcast, which all digital radio receivers will pick up even if they are tuned to other stations.

I am sure DRM digital radio will bring Acche Din (Good Days) to all stakeholders!

Yogendra Pal, Hon Chair, DRM India Chapter


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