Innovation Club at Indian Open University Discusses distance education with DRM

The prestigious Indira Gandhi Open University in India – IGNOU ( organised a meeting of its innovation club dedicated to “Distance Education through DRM Digital Radio: An Overview”.

The objective of the panel discussion was to understand and explore the possibilities related to the use of digital technology in the form of DRM digital radio to deliver education to the distance learners. The panellists were Yogendra Pal, Chairman, DRM Consortium India Chapter, Former ADG, AIR & Doordarshan, Dr. T. Krushna Rao, Former DD, BRAOU, Hyderabad, and Dr. Ravi Ayyagari , DD, EMPC, IGNOU, Former Advisor, Information communication technology MHRD , Media expert UGC-CEC. Dr. O. P. Sharma, Director, The National Centre for Innovations in Distance Education (NCIDE), IGNOU chaired the session in which about 30 members, including the faculty members and academics from IGNOU and various Regional Centres, participated in the virtual session.

Yogendra Pal gave an overview about the digital radio and described its key features. He explained the transmission process in the DRM digital radio and discussed how the DRM digital radio could be used to offer education even in the remote areas where there is no internet access. He said that it is free-to-air and can be used to deliver varied teaching material such as text material, articles, books, etc. Dr. T. Krushna Rao discussed the challenges and issues related use of DRM digital radio in distance education. Dr. Ravi Ayyagari was of the opinion that DRM is capable of fulfilling the needs of the New Educational Policy which include dissemination of quality of audio and visual content in multiple languages. He also said there is a scope for collaborative learning with interactivity. Dr.Ravi presented the technical, technological, and infrastructural issues and challenges related to the use of DRM digital radio in ODL system, particularly at the receiving end of IGNOU.
Also, according to Dr. Sujata Santosh, Assistant Director, NCIDE and Co-ordinator Innovation Club at IGNOU the members discussed several issues related to using the DRM digital radio for the benefit of the distance learner in a cost-effective manner. The meeting was highly interactive and was appreciated by all the members whoia re determined to continue exploring this avenue for distance learning.


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