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Am a Brazilian radio specialist with lots of knowledge about analogue. Recently I have got some information that DRM might be perfect for good audio and data services broadcast to wider and more remote areas of my country. How can I learn more about DRM?

 (Brazilian specialist)

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DRM has been tested extensively in Brazil in all bands in the last years. DRM in shortwave has delivered excellent audio and data to the northern Amazonian part of the country. A lot of information about DRM is included on the website www.drm.org and for the DRM most compact information please go to pocket.drm.org (https://www.drm.org/drm-in-your-pocket/). Recently an Introduction to DRM has been published in French and, for Brazilians specifically, also in Portuguese: https://www.drm.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/DRM-at-a-Glance-Portuguese-May-2023.pdf


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