Is the DRM standard the only one delivering disaster warnings?– Your Question Answered

Is the DRM standard the only one delivering disaster warnings? (Czech technician)


No, other standards also have this capability. However, DRM has some clear benefits as it shares the same features across all AM and FM bands. This might be very useful not only locally but especially when trying to reach affected areas and people. Then DRM may alert the widest possible audiences in case of pending disasters using its alarm signaling, allowing it to serve as a last resort when all local infrastructure is down by covering the affected area with radio signals from outside. In the event of an emergency, DRM receivers may switch to and present the emergency programme and may even be able to turn on automatically from standby mode. The emergency programme may be accompanied by text messages in several languages and a visual alarm indicator and an automatic volume increase by the receiver, as well as additional components such as text and images (i.e. maps) also vital for hearing-impaired people.


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