KTWR, Guam conducted a test DRM broadcast to India and Sri Lanka on 23rd and 24th February, on 15300 kHz at 1445-1515 UTC.  We used our new digital Netia playout system, Mode B 64 QAM, 24 kHz which allows stereo.

We had people in place to do field testing in both countries, and all reception was via the internal whip antenna. The DR-111 had solid reception with primarily SNR values of 21-24dB.

Reports were positive. One of our monitors said that his receiver had a much easier time decoding audio from KTWR DRM signals than from others that he was receiving. This is due to at least two factors – we typically use 75-90KW transmissions during our tests to South Asia and we work hard to maximize the SNR of the signal coming out of the transmitter making it easier for receivers to decode the signals. For this test our SNR on the transmitting side was 36 db.

Defining the quality of content on the receiving end was the real point of our test, and the results were very encouraging

George Ross
KTWR Station Manager


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