Letter To The Communications Committee, House Of Lords (UK)

The DRM Consortium has written to the Communications Committee chaired by Lord Fowler who expressed a fear that the digital switchover in the UK would render millions of FM radios useless by introducing a solution that does not fit everyone. The Consortium raised the possibility of other, complimentary digital solutions that might satisfy FM listeners and broadcasters while supporting the digital switchover. Not advocating the status quo but a sensible, flexible hybrid DAB/DRM solution the DRM Consortium asked Lord Fowler and his committee following and as mentioned in the letter to the Communications Committee:

“Actions requested of the Communications Committee”

The DRM Consortium therefore asks you [Lord Fowler] to put this information before the Communications Committee, with a view to reviewing the current plans to phase out analogue sound broadcasting in the AM and FM broadcasting bands. In particular, the DRM Consortium would encourage your Committee to examine whether the current plans to impose a “one size fits all” approach for the digital switchover is in the public interest. So far, there has only been very cursory consideration of alternative strategies for the digital sound broadcasting switchover in Britain.

Fortunately, your Committee has had the foresight to raise concerns about the pace and direction of the present plan. Therefore, the DRM Consortium would further request the Communications Committee to give due regard to the more flexible, comprehensive and complementary solutions for digital sound broadcasting in Britain that could be achieved by considering the potential of DRM technology. The DRM standard (DRM30 and DRM+) offers enormous flexibility and diversity in how sound broadcasting can be delivered to the public in the digital era.”


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