Main Russian Network Operator (RTRN): DRM delivers more for less

Main Russian Network Operator (RTRN): DRM delivers more for less

DRM Chair Ruxandra Obreja and Consortium colleagues met Victor Goreglyad, Deputy General Director, Russian TV and Radio Network (RTRN) and Director, Department for Radio Broadcasting and Radio Communication, to discuss the results of DRM tests in Russia:

Three successful DRM tests were conducted in 2012/13


  • Shortwave DRM in Northern Russia from Akhangelsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar
  • SFN network covering large territories from transmission sites in the Moscow area:  Krasnodar (30 kW) and Kaliningrad (15 kW)
  • Local SFN network in Moscow at 26 MHz from two transmission sites: Kurkino (500W) and MTUSI (100W)

A key finding highlighted energy efficiency: in the northern Russia trial it was found that one AM (long wave) transmitter offered the coverage of 167 VHF/FM transmitters, at significant energy saving.

Another of the main conclusions of the trials was that digital radio broadcasting using the DRM standard ensured greater coverage with a better quality of audio content whilst using less transmitter power when compared with traditional AM radio broadcasting.

DRM test results and reports were submitted to the ITU.