Mobile phone solutions


The Fraunhofer DRM MultimediaPlayer is available for receiving digital radio broadcasts on smartphones, tablets or PC receivers. The software can be used also for professional receivers and is available to Fraunhofer partners for integration in their products.

Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer Mobile Phone


The Starwaves DRM SoftRadio App enables Android phones and tablets to receive news and entertainment items in perfect sound and as text information using the terrestrial broadcasting DRM Digital Radio standard.


The app supports many DRM digital radio features such as the Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF), image slideshows, station logos, and radio programme service descriptions. To provide all these services, the app only requires a standard off-the-shelf SDR RF dongle that is attached to the device’s USB port.


The app is available in the Amazon, Google and Huawei app stores:


Technical details, installation and usage instructions of mobile phone and tablet app can be found on Starwaves website by going to: