New DRM Steering Board Leadership Elected

New DRM Steering Board Leadership Elected

The DRM Consortium has elected its new leadership for the next two years and agreed its broad strategy based on continuity, development and growth of the DRM standard worldwide during its General Assembly held at the headquarters of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) in Hilversum, Netherlands.
The Steering Board, which runs the DRM Consortium and sets its strategy and implementation, now includes five new companies: Digidia, Rfmondial, Nautel, Christian Vision and Voice of Russia. They join fifteen other companies that have existing representatives on the Steering Board and together strengthen the Consortium.

Ruxandra Obreja, Head of Digital Radio Development, BBC World Service was re-elected as the Chairperson of the DRM Consortium for the next two years. The Steering Board also elected two vice Chairs – Jochen Huber, Transradio and Ludo Maes, TDP. Lindsay Cornell, BBC and Michel Penneroux, TDF were re-elected Technical and Committee chairpersons respectively. Alexander Zink, Fraunhofer Institute, was confirmed as Treasurer of the Consortium for the next two years.

The two day conference (24th-25th March 2010) was attended by many DRM members and supporters from around the world who not only took part in the elections but discussed the progress of DRM technology and the challenges faced by the introduction of digital radio in general and DRM in particular. All members unanimously agreed that DRM has made great progress in the recent years including minimum receiver requirements, the extension of the DRM standard to include DRM+ and official adoption of the standard in Russia and India. The assembly urged receiver manufacturers not to overlook the growing demand for digital receivers and to bring appropriate products to the market.

The General Assembly is the largest decision-making body of the DRM Consortium which meets every two years for an extraordinary meeting to elect the governing bodies and representatives to oversee Consortium’s activities in spreading the use and take-up of DRM digital radio technology.