Online German DRM Platform Meeting

The annual meeting of the German digital radio platform “Deutsches DRM Forum” took place virtually on November 17th. The participants represented broadcasters, local regulators, industry, research units and users.

One of the main topics on the agenda was the exchange of information focused on the international DRM progress, project and activities (Global Country Update – Countries broadcasting and planning to roll out DRM), including the successful field trial of DRM FM-band services in India. The participants got updates on activities around the long- and shortwave transmitter Kalundborg (Denmark), and an outlook on maritime DRM applications for commercial ships and the German Navy.

The new SDR for the reception of DRM transmissions on mobile phones and tablets through the Starwaves DRM SoftRadio app and the impressive roll-out of over 4.2 million cars with line-fit DRM reception in India were presented at length.

Going forward, the key work project of the German DRM platform will be the efficient and cost-effective use of the FM band (VHF band II) with DRM services, in light of the analogue FM switch-off in Europe and the great advantages of this solution, part of the flexible and modern DRM standard.


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