Positive Feedback From The EBU/DRM Conference

Positive Feedback From The EBU/DRM Conference

London, 2nd December 2009: DRM digital radio technology received great interest from the 80 delegates present at the DRM Conference organised by the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva. The conference, held on 26th November 2009, was attended by participants from 25 countries (mainly from Europe but also from as far afield as Chile and Australia) who represented all broadcasting stakeholders including regulators, broadcasters, equipment and chipset manufacturers.

The event brought into focus the recent developments in the DRM technology – the standardisation of DRM+ and the publication of DRM Receiver Profiles. This conference highlighted the market potential of the DRM system and evaluated the results from its tests from various locations worldwide. It also allowed a healthy discussion on different business cases and real achievements in getting DRM receivers on the market.

Supported with excellent organisation by the EBU, the Consortium was able to highlight the achievements and challenges of the DRM technology and present its potential as the global solution for conversion of radio from analogue to digital. DRM Chairperson, Ruxandra Obreja, expressed her satisfaction at the event by saying: “I am delighted that this was an interactive event able to demonstrate the great potential and benefits of DRM. From the feedback received the interesting presentations and discussions have impressed the participants, many of whom want to know more and attend similar events dedicated to the DRM technology.”

There were live demonstrations of the technology at the Conference venue. The event also provided a great opportunity for networking and exchanging views on digital radio developments in different parts of the world.

To see and hear the presentations made on that day, please visit the EBU website: