Short-wave DRM Digital Radio Broadcasts Begin in Brazil


On 25th November 2020 Rádio Nacional da Amazônia started an experimental transmission using the digital DRM standard (Digital Radio Mondiale) in shortwave. The transmission is being broadcast on 11880 kHz, on the 25m band. A 2.5 kW transmitter developed and produced in Porto Alegre (south of Brazil) by BT Transmitters is being used for this demonstration.

To start with, the power used is of only 1 kW. The equipment is attached to one of the antennas of the Nacional da Amazônia at Parque do Rodeador, the main public broadcaster site near the capital, Brasília.

The project is the initiative of the University of Brasília and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations with the support of the Brazilian public broadcaster, Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC). In addition to good audio, the DRM digital radio allows images to be sent to receivers. The broadcast has already been picked up not only in northern Brazil but as far as Canada. You can check out the reception in Rio, via KiwiSDR): More on YouTube



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