Significant Updates and News Unveiled during pre-IBC DRM Event

The virtual DRM Consortium IBC 2021 event “Smart Radio Accessible to All” on December 1st and proved to be an exciting showcase of the practical advances of DRM in various parts of the world. The many participants from across the globe in this annual event, sponsored this year by Nautel, were given a world tour of the DRM rollout and transmissions. A session was dedicated to the recent VHF band II test in India which was very well received.

Among the important facts highlighted were the energy and spectrum savings achieved in Delhi and Jaipur, as measured on professional, automotive, mobile and standalone receivers featuring great audio and also some of the attractive extra DRM features and benefits. The native DRM functionalities and services, like emergency warning functionality, public signage, remote education were illustrated in a clear and practical way with a focused presentation and attractive videos (

The participants in the interactive “Smart Radio Accessible to All” DRM event were definitely interested in the receiver manufacturers’ presentations including last minute updates and new announcements from Gospell, Cambridge Consultants – CML Microcircuits, Skyworks, Inntot, Starwaves.

Key data on receivers and other useful information can be found in the one-pager with everything you wanted to know immediately about DRM at:

The Consortium members presenting their work with and for DRM unveiled interesting developments, too. The recent test carried out by the BBC World Service, supported by Encompass, on DRM mediumwave in Cyprus, the DRM deployments or preparations in Vietnam and South Korea, introduced by Kintronic Labs, the great (exciter) developments of Rfmondial, a key company involved in the recent DRM for FM trial in St Petersburg, were among these new developments. Fraunhofer IIS also gave an update on their DRM Receiver Kit Software SDR for automotive, mobile phones and consumer radios. In their presentation Fraunhofer IIS also announced the relaunch of the DRM SW station (funklust) in Germany.

And another piece of news coming from the heart of Europe was the launch (on October 13th) of a DRM for FM test, in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a collaborative project supported and driven by Nautel with the support of Open Channel, Gospell, RFmondial, Fraunhofer IIS, NXP, partners in Denmark and other non- Consortium members like Bauer and Kathrein.

The DRM pre-IBC event was rich in information and lively with opinion exchanges among the participants from Brazil, US, Canada and Australia, UK, Africa, Europe, Russia and Asia. It gave the Consortium a chance to end the year on a high note and look with confidence to 2022.

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