At the Slovakia digitisation conference in Banska Bystrica, Jens Stockmann, Products Specialist, Transmitters, GatesAir and Radu Obreja, DRM Consortium Marketing Director gave a comprehensive presentation on the two modes of the standard, the DRM benefits and features, offering the audience a chance to become even more familiar with this global, open, green and all-frequency-bands digital radio system.

The four Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary) reported on audio broadcasting digitisation developments in their respective markets.  Although some progress was evident, the lack of engagement from commercial and community stations was also noted.  Radu Obreja explained that the technical setup of DRM allows commercial and community stations to digitise independently using their existing infrastructure and at their own pace, while maintaining their audiences and coverage and strengthening their competitive advantages. He said that inclusion of the DRM standard  – particularly the DRM+ mode – in the full digitisation process would be imperative for the success of  digital roll-out in each of the countries.

The Resolution adopted after the Conference emphasises the necessity of bringing multi-standard radio receivers to the market.  The final paragraph underlines the need for the industry to “produce and in due time to put on the V4 market multi-standard receivers for all relevant systems in compliance with the EBU Recommendation R138 (FM, T-DAB+, DRM)” and “equip all new cars with such receivers in due time.”


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