The DRM30 receiver has unique DRM Logging Function Free

New firmware enhanced DR111 adds many unique features which will greatly help the professionals in field trail

Among these features we note that:

1) The DR111 supports expert mode which will show the channel information on screen such as SNR, MER, QAM as well as service information such as audio source coding and bit rate.

2) The DR111 supports record reception log and keep it on SD card. The log files include technical information including date, time, SNR, sync, FAC, MSC, Audio, Doppler and delay. The log file uses standard format and can be read and analyzed  by several free available tools (DRM Log Plotter, DRM Calc)

3) Using popular mobile battery pack(e.g. model PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack 5200mAh), DR111 can run 14 hours.
DR111 is now offered for bulk buy with lower than 70 dollars price.

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