Steering Board Meeting

The Steering Board was a good opportunity to reaffirm the strategic directions agreed by the Consortium in March in Kuala Lumpur (receivers, India, Russia and the standardisation of DRM+) and review the exceptionally many events and activities undertaken since January. Members of the Board reported on the India week, the recent activity of the project office and last but not least on the Scotland DRM+ trial contributing to the recent success at ITU.

During a packed day we discussed the next activities of the receiver group, a commitment to a renewed focus on consumer electronics fairs and events, the possibility of continuing our work in India and starting some serious work in Russia.

The discussions and suggestions about future activities like IBC and the simplified Consortium Agreement also engaged the members fully. Those present learned a lot and were also thanked for sometime the very hard and arduous work undertaken on behalf of the whole Consortium.

During the meeting at SWR we also visited the state of the art radio and TV extension of SWR. Last but not least we said a proper goodbye to Günter but also to our much loved and appreciated Fanny Podworny who has decided to leave the Consortium and start a new life and career back in Germany. The next SB meeting will be held in Amsterdam during the IBC (9-13 September).

Report from Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairman


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