Successful DRM General Assembly Concludes in France

A technical team has two main opportunities to practice its expertise: either in the development lab, pushing the limits of state-of-the art technology, or in various professional bodies, contributing to the elaboration of next generation systems and standards.

Having spent many years in the design bureau, the broadcasting specialists of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary (abbreviated as BME in Hungarian) decided to join the DRM Consortium to further extend their international activities. The Consortium hosted them at this year’s General Assembly (GA) near Paris.

Although the broadcasting team of BME has already participated in several international workgroups, DRM was new and different in many ways. The friendly and open-minded atmosphere of the Consortium was immediately apparent, giving the impression of a big family rather than that of a formal body. Going beyond the social aspects, the members of the Consortium were very helpful in technical questions as well. Initially, BME intends to perform DRM+ experiments, and, right after its first appearance at the GA. Already a lot of help was offered in order to facilitate the realisation of this objective.

BME is convinced that with the enthusiasm and devotion that characterizes the DRM Consortium, both the DRM30 and the DRM+ modes of the standard are destined to success.

Csaba Szombathy, Budapest University of Technology and Economics


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