Sucessful DRM+ Trial In Germany

London, UK – On September 12th, WorldDMB and the European Broadcasting Union announced the publication of a set of minimum features and functions for digital radio receivers across European countries whose broadcasters are using DAB, DAB+ or DMB.  Whilst DRM and DRM+ were not in the focus of the working group preparing this document, they share many features and data applications with the DAB family. The DRM Consortium welcomes the general unifying aim of the receiver profiles. On September 29th, an international meeting held in Kaiserslautern, south western Germany, unveiled the first results from the trial broadcast of the DRM+ digital radio standard. The international guests experienced live DRM+ reception and learned from a panel of experts about the extensive range of features and benefits DRM+ offers FM radio stations (around the world) considering a cost-effective migration to digital.  […] Click here to read more.


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