The latest HFCC conference was held in Bratislava from 26th- 30th August 2013. Alan Hutchinson of Babcock Ltd, a key member of the DRM Consortium offers his impression of the event.

The HFCC brings together representatives from the world’s leading international broadcasters and facilitates the scheduling of analogue and digital (DRM) transmissions in the shortwave frequency bands. The aim of the conference is to reduce frequency clashes between broadcasters and eliminate possible sources of interference, thus improving the audibility of transmissions and improving the listener experience.

DRM Steering Board member Babcock International attended the HFCC as usual in their capacity as frequency management representatives for a number of international broadcasters, including the BBC World Service. Alan Hutchinson, Planning Manager at Babcock said: ‘it was a very successful conference and we managed to achieve the majority of our goals during the week, helping to ensure interference free transmissions for our customers. Ampegon and Transradio also gave very informative presentations on their plans in respect to the future development of DRM transmission equipment, and we look forward to coordinating increasing numbers of DRM transmissions at the HFCCs of the future’.

A selection of key presentations made at HFCC include those of: Ampegon, Transradio and Bratislava Telecom that focused on short-wave-broadcasting in Slovakia.


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