The Prize winner! – The benefits of DRM

The Prize winner! – The benefits of DRM

Dear Sir,

I think in India Medium Wave and Shortwave radio transmissions are badly effected by age old and weak transmitters and thus the general mass are unable to get better signal quality on both the bands. Both mediums are also very much costly. With introduction of few high power DRM transmitters at some MW stations of AIR, it has been reported that the reception of signal quality are very strong and clear in comparison to general MW reception. Today as many international broadcasters are moving very fast towards DRM for SW broadcasts too, so I believe if DRM is completely implemented at all regional AIR stations and for external services too it can serve mass with better quality. Also DRM can give an alternative to FM transmissions where this platform has not yet reached. But to implement all perfectly along with good DRM transmitters India will need easily available DRM receivers to enjoy this new platform. All the best DRM India.

Prithwiraj Purkayastha from Assam



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