Turkey ITVF Fair

Turkey ITVF Fair

DRM Technical Committee Vice-Chairman, Alexander Zink (Fraunhofer IIS) reports from Istanbul.

Turkey is in the process of checking out its options for establishing digital radio nationally, following the current implementation of DVB-T2 in the country.

At the annual ITVF (Istanbul TV Forum & Fair) which took place recently in Istanbul, Turkey, June 20th-22nd and for the first time this year the event extended its focus from digital TV-only to also include digital radio. The session on digital radio took place on Friday 22nd and DRM presented a brief overview of DRM and not only covered the key features of the DRM standard from a listener, regulator and broadcaster perspective, but also demonstrated the great potential of digital radio to provide clear and undisturbed audio. It was also emphasised that DRM – whilst complementing nicely the other open digital radio standard DAB+ – is currently being rolled-out in India, arguably one of the largest radio markets worldwide; thus highly relevant both to the radio community in Turkey, but also for all internationally oriented equipment manufacturers in the country.


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