Well attended first ever DRM webinar

The DRM Consortium organised its first ever webinar ‘Get your Burning Questions on DRM Answered’,on Tuesday, 25th attracting lots of interest from a truly global audience. Forty six people out of the eighty six who registered attended the webinar. Sixteen attendees asked questions and we had in total forty six questions.The questions ranged from; the UK DRM+ trial; the DRM possibilities for satisfying the digitisation requirements in Brazil and the US; and the receiver situation especially for DRM+. Mrs. Ruxandra Obreja, President DRM Association, Mr. Hal Kneller, DRM Steering Board member and Mr. Alexander Zink, Vice President DRM Association made a presentation and then tried to give frank answers to questions. The feedback received demonstrates the value of the presentations, the answers and the updates of which some participants were completely unaware.

The webinar was organized by Fanny Podworny, DRM Project Manager and if you would like a copy of  the webinar presentation which gives information about the latest DRM international developments, the recent DRM+ activities, the exciting features of digital radio DRM and more , please email the Project Office.The audio recording of the webinar is available here below.

Following the success of our webinar, we are starting to think of  another, more interactive webinar in the summer. If you already have any questions or have a theme that the DRM Consortium could present, please contact the Project Office.

A Webinar is a seminar that is conducted on the World Wide Web (Web + seminar = Webinar) and viewed with a computer that has an Internet connection.

DRM webinar: Get your Burning Questions Answered from Fanny Podworny on Vimeo.


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