What is Digital Radio Mondiale?

DRM is the universal, openly standardised digital
broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies,
including the AM bands (LW, MW, SW),
as well as VHF Bands I, II – (FM band) and III.

DRM ensures the efficient and complete digitisation
of those countries committing to the digital radio
roll-out. The great flexibility of DRM supports all
types of coverage needs – from local, regional,
nation-wide to international.  DRM allows a seamless
transition to digital radio with the upgrade of existing
transmitter infrastructure as well as with analogue-digital simulcast
configurations. DRM digital radio can save broadcasters up to 80%
in energy and maintenance costs.


What are the Benefits?

DRM is greener, clearer, wider, bigger, better quality & audio content and cost efficient
The Benefits of DRM can be enjoyed by:


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