Wimbledon Finals Live On DRM Digital Radio

European radio listeners will be able to hear live broadcast of the Wimbledon finals on the DRM digital channel jointly operated by British Broadcasting Corporation and Deutsche Welle. The BBC &  DW DRM channel will broadcast  the Wimbledon Ladies and Men’s Singles Finals on Saturday 4th July and on Sunday, 5th July, respectively. The DRM transmission will be on air from 1300 GMT until 1800 GMT. The BBC& DW channel is an 18-hour daily broadcast of the best international programmes in English from BBC World Service and DW. It also brings to the audience all the advantages of DRM digital radio like near-FM quality audio, text messages and an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). This joint BBC-DW DRM radio channel has been on air since December 2008. Six transmitters, which are used in pairs, cover much of Western Europe. The signal goes up to  France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and other neighbouring countries.


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