Your Questions Answered: Report on Radio in Times of Emergencies

A new EBU report on radio in times of emergencies never mentions DRM and stresses a lot the role of FM and DAB. Why?

(German DRM supporter)

The report rightly stresses that the enhancement of terrestrial radio infrastructure is critical for ensuring communication resilience and preserving public trust during times of need, offering vital support to communities worldwide. Alongside, or even above analogue and other digital audio broadcasting standards, the DRM standard even offers a way to send information from outside the stricken area, something that neither FM not DAB+ can ever offer. Unlike other standards, the emergency warning functionality (EWF) feature of DRM is already fully functional (and not in development), has been tested and is being currently deployed in Asia. The DRM digital audio broadcasting system has all required tools built in – and is supported by available chipsets for a quick and complete mass notification (including impaired listeners) when disasters occur.

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