A digital car awareness initiative launched by DRM Indian enthusiast

Dr Thaminana KR, an Indian enthusiast and pioneer in promoting DRM in his city Vizag (Andhra Pradesh state), has launched a DRM nationwide initiative of popularising the audio and advanced services available from the 35 MW DRM transmitters broadcasting all over India in pure DRM (some) and simulcast (all). The aim of the video conferences and practical services in the car is to create awareness and demonstrate the advantages of DRM car radios to car showroom Executives, Sales Managers and their customers. According to estimations there are about 3 million new cars with incorporated DRM radio receivers on Indian roads. The sessions are also intended to gather feedback from car showroom sales managers and DRM car radio owners.

Dr Thaminana visited several car showrooms in in his native Vizag and gave DRM car radio demonstrations to sales managers and customers. This was followed from June 22nd by virtual conferences and presentations in Ranchi, Hyderabad and Chennai. His plan includes over 30 more DRM Car Radio Demo video conferences and practical car demos to be conducted in 34 more DRM transmission coverage areas by the beginning of December.

Convinced by the power of DRM, Dr Thaminana proves what an individual initiative can achieve even in a country the size of India.

Please check: https://india.drm.org

Also: DRM – User’s Experience video


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