DRM Introduction and Latest at recent ABU webinar


The DRM Consortium participated in the two-day webinar on the Advanced Transmission and Delivery Technologies. On July 1st representatives of the Consortium (Simon Keens, Yogendra Pal, Radu Obreja and Guido Leisker) presented the characteristics of the only global, all frequency bands, green and versatile digital audio broadcasting standard, DRM. The results of the successful DRM FM trial in India carried out in the spring were presented in full for the first time at this event.

The DRM representatives also had other up to the minute developments to share with the over 50 ABU participants the energy and overall costs savings delivered in DRM which now can be checked individually using the DRM Energy Efficiency Calculator.

The tool had just been launched a day before and it also caught the interest of these participants as well.

And last but not least, the presentation included details about how DRM delivers education everywhere, even where no Internet connection is available. Afterwards the questions came quick and fast, and the new corporate video DRM – User’s Experience video could only be mentioned but not enjoyed fully this time during this varied, information-packed and well-organised webinar.