All India Radio Tender Notice For DRM Digital Transmitters

India’s public service broadcaster All India Radio (AIR) is putting into practice its plans for digitalisation of radio and has placed a global tender notice for the procurement of several DRM digital transmitters. AIR has invited bids for the supply of 34 new MW transmitters, for the upgrade of 36 MW transmitters and purchase of 5 SW transmitters and other associated equipment. The Research Department of AIR is also going ahead with the purchase of a 500 watt DRM shortwave transmitter for conducting trials on 26 MHz SW DRM transmissions for local coverage. The details of the tender advertisement can be found on the official AIR website:

This procurement process is the start of the AIR’s digitalisation plan of ensuring DRM Digital radio coverage for the entire country, thereby providing better and more robust radio services to the listeners.

Earlier this year, AIR had placed orders for the purchase of two 1000 KW DRM capable transmitters which are now being made ready for inspection and delivery. These MW transmitters can be operated in DRM mode, in analogue or in simulcast mode and provide coverage to very large areas in the Indian subcontinent. The transmitters have been manufactured by Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia, A.G.

And recently All India Radio has also confirmed the purchase of 6 mobile DRM transmitters of 10 KW each which are AM/DRM ready. These containerized transmitters are meant to be used in disaster management CASES as they can be easily transported to the affected areas by air/rail/road. A 60 meter medium wave mobile mast goes in another container which can be easily erected together with the transmitter and start broadcasting as and when required. These transmitters are being supplied by M/S Riz, Croatia.


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