Saudi Arabia To Acquire DRM-Ready High Power 250 KW HF Transmitters

Continental Electronics will supply a quantity of 4 each 250 kW HF DRM-ready transmitters and associated equipment to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Information (MOI) through First Gulf Company of Riyadh.

First Gulf will construct an entirely new HF station where the transmitters, antennas, and other equipment will be installed at the existing Al Khumra site outside Jeddah.  The Al Khumra station was constructed by Continental Electronics and its civil contractor between 1978 and 1980, and the site presently accommodates multiple 2-megawatt and 1-megawatt Medium Wave transmitters.

The new high-power HF DRM-ready transmitters will enhance the Saudi MOI’s digital broadcast capabilities and can reach targeted audiences at long distance ranges with a clear, high quality signal. The DRM-ready transmitters are similar to those recently supplied to Broadcast Australia and to Radio-TV Malaysia, employing Transradio’s latest DRM exciters with its unique pre-correction features.

The transmitters will be delivered in the latter part of 2010 and the station is planned to be fully operational by mid-2011.

> Click here to read the official press release of Continental Electronics.


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