Digital Radio Broadcasting Summit- Africa 22nd-24th April 2014

The Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA) is organising yet another Digital Radio Broadcasting Summit in Cape Town between 22-24 April after last year’s conference.  The DRM Consortium is participating as Sector Partner of this event and will be active with a presentation by the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Chair, Ruxandra Obreja, in the morning of the 22nd April, as well as with a dedicated DRM workshop on the 23rd April, from 4pm to 5.30pm, including a live DRM broadcast. All participants at SABA are kindly invited to this DRM workshop

The DRM Consortium has already been present at SABA’s successful events in Johannesburg in July 2103 and in Arusha (Tanzania) in the autumn of last year.  The DRM standard is the only global standard which can be used in all radio frequency bands, thus being the ideal standard for the large countries of Southern Africa.  Community, commercial and regional stations or national networks are all able to broadcast their digital radio programmes with enhanced content and excellent sound to everyone in their respective countries, regardless of where the people live: in large cities, small towns or villages.


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