‘DRM in Action’ GA event showcased latest DRM technology developments

The ‘hands-on’ event in the BBC Media café provided Consortium members with an opportunity to demonstrate their companies’ products and explain how they fit into the DRM ‘studio to listener’ broadcast chain. Amongst the new technologies on show, Fraunhofer IIS brought along a new demonstration tablet dongle receiver, NXP demonstrated their new multi-standard chipset including DRM and new member Radio Haugaland from Norway gave a ‘live’ demonstration of the Radiohub software in action.

The DRM Consortium were delighted to welcome new DRM associate member ‘Radio Haugerland’ to their ‘DRM in Action event’ and Eivind Solberg from the company gave an impressive demonstration of how their software is able to use DRM to help broadcasters in the studio manage their multi-platform and multi-stream outputs. Once the streams have left the RadioHub, one option on display at the event was to pass them through the DRM compatible audio processor from Brazilian company Orbisonic.

Other alternative processing and modulating technology that could be utilised to prepare the signal for transmission were also on display. These were demonstrated by the representatives from RFmondial, Fraunhofer IIS and Digidia who were on hand to explain their companies’ products. 

Richard Jacobs from Babcock, also the BBC’s international transmission service provider, explained the service that they offered as global transmitter service providers and the broadcast could then be heard again once it reached the new NXP multi-standard chipset SAF360x . Finally, Lindsay Cornell ended the DRM journey by explaining the BBC’s involvement in IP coding and licencing.  See photos from the event.  


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