Digital Radio Mondiale Holds First Workshop in Nepal on Best Ways to Implement DRM Digital Radio

Senior executives of several radio broadcasters and industry stakeholders participated in the workshop focusing on how digital radio in Nepal can enhance the radio broadcasting industry by offering better services to everybody. The Consortium senior representatives underlined in their presentations why the DRM digital radio standard is suitable for Nepal, a country with a diverse geography and clearly defined needs. They took questions from broadcasters, the regulator and other participants.

Alexander Zink, DRM Vice-Chairman, Radu Obreja, DRM Marketing Director and Sharad Sadhu, respected digital radio expert, presented the advantages of DRM in both AM and FM, its many benefits like clear sound, multimedia services and emergency warning functionality. The latest developments around the world and the considerations for a successful DRM digital radio market launch were of interest. And a live demonstration of the DRM – FM digital radio transmission chain carrying Radio Nepal live, with Journaline and Emergency Warning Functionality received on several standalone receivers and pixel smartphone, sparked off a lively discussion.

According to Er. Ashok Banskota, Deputy Executive Director “the DRM workshop helped us better understand DRM and its benefits that could have a great potential for Radio Nepal and our whole country. During the workshop we proved that we knew what was going on in Asia regarding DRM and knowing this we saw the advantages for Radio Nepal.”

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chair felt that the workshop was timely and well received: “It was amazing to see the level of interest and commitment to digital radio in Kathmandu. With the DRM developments next door in India and the many needs of this developing country, the pressure to go digital is palpable. Understanding how to successfully roll out digital radio on budget, with significant energy savings and on time as part of a well-coordinated national effort is what the participants wanted to get out of this workshop. For many this was the first chance to experience digital radio, to see it in action. This was not a one off but a true digital launch for the Nepalese stakeholders.”


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