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The DRM Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium and the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) announce a series of three webinars “DRM – Digital Radio for your Needs” to start on July 8th.

This unique initiative will take participants from the basic information on DRM to more detailed knowledge in a useful and practical way. At the end of the three webinars, a mixture of presentations, discussions, and some individual work, AIBD together with the DRM Consortium will reward participants with a participation certificate. But the real reward will be to understand the technology and see how best it can be applied in each participant’s country.

The first webinar “DRM for large and full country coverage” will be held on July 8th 0530pm MYT, 1500-1700 IST, 1030-1230 BST or London time or 0930-1130 UTC. The first set of lecturers will be senior experts of the Consortium like Alexander Zink (Fraunhofer IIS), Simon Keens (Ampegon), Yogendra Pal (Honorary Chairman DRM India Platform), Radu Obreja (Marketing Director, DRM) and others to be confirmed later.

The follow-up webinars have been scheduled for the beginning of August and SeptemberThe goal is to give all participants a clear understanding of the DRM digital radio broadcasting technology, features, and benefits as well as the superiority of digital over analogue.

Philomena Gnanapragasam, Director, AIBD, is keen for the workshop “to give a unique chance to specialists in the region to acquire solid information necessary in their work and in developing digital broadcasting in their member countries. We will be offering a unique chance to participants to learn and share valuable implementation information and results from real case studies.”

For Ruxandra Obreja, the DRM Chairman, “this series of events is a new, well-planned and linked-up undertaking, a chance for participants to acquire valuable information, to become DRM pioneers and be part of a unique DRM sharing experience.”

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About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised digital radio system for all broadcasting frequencies and coverage needs.

DRM on short, medium and long wave up to 30 MHz provides for the efficient coverage in large areas with at least FM quality, while significantly reducing power consumption. DRM in the FM & VHF bands above 30 MHz enables flexible local and regional broadcaster-controlled services, with up to 3 stereo audio programmes plus multimedia components in half the bandwidth of a single analogue FM signal.

Advanced radio functionality thanks to DRM comprises: More services based on the highly efficient audio codec MPEG xHE-AAC and free-to-air Journaline multi-lingual text information, detailed service signaling, service linking (including to analogue AM/FM services) and DRM EWF – Emergency Warning Functionality. Enhanced DRM features include native Unicode support, station logos via SPI, Slideshow images and traffic and travel information.

The DRM Consortium was awarded by ITU for its outstanding contribution to the Telecommunications sector over the past years and has signed the EBU Smart Radio Memorandum that promotes access to free to air radio on all devices.

For more information and DRM updates please visit www.drm.org or subscribe to DRM news by writing to pressoffice@drm.org.  

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About AIBD

The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), established in 1977 under the auspices of UNESCO, is a unique regional inter-governmental organisation servicing countries of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) in the field of electronic media development. It is hosted by the Government of Malaysia and the secretariat is located in Kuala Lumpur.

The AIBD is mandated to achieve a vibrant and cohesive electronic media environment in the Asia-Pacific region through policy and resource development.

The AIBD currently has 26 Full Members (countries), represented by 34 organisations, and 67 Affiliate Members (organisations) with a total membership of 101 representing 48 countries and regions and over 50 partners in Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, Arab States and North America.

For more detail please visit www.aibd.org.my


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