DRM Reception Monitoring at the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Hungary

Hungary and its Communications Authority have exhibited a strong interest in DRM right from the early days of this standard. This is evidenced by the fact that the Authority set up a DRM monitoring station at its technical headquarters in Budapest already in 2004, in co-operation with the Budapest University of Technology. Some years later a private company (SZOMEL Kft.) took over the development and operation of this site, leading to a solid continuous monitoring activity lasting until the present day.

The objective of this monitoring is to demonstrate how stable and good quality services can long-distance DRM transmissions provide. The station tunes onto a new transmitter typically every hour, measures and logs the quality of the received signal, and also demodulates the audio content which can be listened to online. The data of the last seven days can be viewed on a chart ― as an example, Fig. XXX shows a measurement extending to a 12-hour period. 

In addition to the attractive diagrams, every measured value is saved numerically and can be downloaded by anyone, free of charge, for further evaluation. The archived data allow to trace back reception events until 2012. 

The website of the Hungarian DRM Monitoring Station is available at:

Recent DRM demonstrational broadcasts in Hungary: 01 June to 30 November 2019

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