DRM, ABU and ASBU Webinar on Distance Learning proves successful

Under the Title of “Digital Radio Mondiale DRM – Delivering Distance Education,” the DRM Consortium in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) hosted an interactive webinar session on June 18th which enjoyed the participation of over 165 participants from about 30 countries as far apart as India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Lesotho, Mauritius, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Peru, Algeria, Taiwan, Ho, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Brazil, Thailand, Brunei, Jordan, Romania, UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

During the 120-minute webinar participants saw how Digital Radio Mondiale DRM can be as effective or even more effective than the internet in delivering rich and targeted teaching material to millions of students who have no access to IP connections and devices. The webinar went through the planning and programming stages of getting education audio and text content to the listeners or rather users. The presenters looked at the transmission chain, the content server configuration (the teacher), the DRM software radio receiver (the student) and the DRM distance learning content, with a live demo at the end. During the webinar the questions kept coming and they were answered on the spot or will be answered in writing very soon. A selection of these will be posted on the new Q&A page of the drm.org website.

A new education webinar is in preparation and our next DRM webinar will be organised together with AIBD at the beginning of July.


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