DRM Digital Radio General Assembly – Attractive, Open and Innovative

The DRM General Assembly 2024, together with a newly announced DRM Masterclass, will be held in the Middle East, in Dubai, UAE, on May 19-20.

The DRM General Assembly will start at Hotel Radisson Blu conference hall at 1400-1700 on the 19th. May 20th (0930-1600) will be fully dedicated to the General Assembly. We expect guests from all over the world. Several VIPs who have confirmed their participation will make keynote speeches which should excite and open new horizons for digital radio.

The DRM General Assembly will be an opportunity for the Consortium to provide a general update on all the DRM activities marking a very successful year and to involve all participants in strategic discussion sessions. During the varied and interactive sessions and break times the guests will have a chance to network and meet delegates from key regions for DRM.

Participants from all over the world will be also invited on May 19th 1100-1300, local time, to a free “DRM Masterclass” on the DRM standard. It will be a clear and simple presentation of the standard with plenty of time set aside for questions and brief demonstrations. The “DRM – the What, Why and How” is open to registered guests and will be held at Radisson Blu Hotel.


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