Schedules and Time Change – Your Question Answered

Schedules and Time Change – Your Question Answered

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I live in a country that does not have summer and wintertime but am aware that frequencies change twice a year, specifically for shortwave transmissions. Are the ones published correct and updated?

(South African enthusiast)

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You are right that international broadcasters update their transmission times twice a year. With the summertime starting at the weekend in a lot of countries, the published schedules need to reflect this change. We have collected the updated date. If you go to you will get all the new schedules valid since March 30th. Be aware though that the DRM Consortium does not check the transmission frequencies itself and does not have other sources than what is made available publicly by broadcasters or can be found on the HFCC schedule. If you have feedback or think that what we have published frequently is either incomplete or incorrect please let us know at: