DRM host Press Seminar in New Delhi

DRM host Press Seminar in New Delhi

DRM Marketing Director, Radu Obreja reports on the press seminar in New Delhi

“It was an extremely interesting and challenging experience, which opened my eyes about this difficult market where nevertheless we can achieve things with a controlled and persistent positive approach.

With the support of Mr. Pal and Alokesh Gupta we managed to set up meetings with the All India Radio higher management and with Technomedia, which have good contacts with Indian receiver manufacturers. Those meetings were informative for both us and our business partners

In AIR we stressed the importance of communication to the market, B2B communication at this stage, so that manufacturers can make a positive decision to start the production of receivers. AIR and/or the government of India needs to communicate a launch date for DRM, so that the manufacturers get more trust in AIR. Manufacturers are currently somehow sceptical about AIR’s activities, as they are not proactive in communication. On Saturday, following our event Mr Pal gave a lengthy interview to AIR, which should have gone all over India. So the ball has started to roll and we need to continue proactively the information of the market via the press. (Listen to Mr Pal’s AIR interview).  This will push both AIR, the Government and manufacturers.

The separate meetings with manufacturers, such as Volkswagen in Pune and Marutti Suzuki in Delhi have all indicated the need to have increased trust in AIR, which can be achieved if they properly communicate their roll-out plan and a launch date.

The press event in Delhi was ok but as I understand that attendance in India is a hard struggle. We managed, as always, to impart useful information to both the press representatives as well as to other companies present, what the next steps should be in rolling out DRM. We had a lot of good questions and the atmosphere was positive, no negative statements related to DRM and to our common work, on the contrary we were told how useful all was.