DRM Members At Rwanda Education Conference

The DRM Consortium is proud to participate in the 17th International Conference and Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training and Skills Development in Kigali, Rwanda, May 29th-31st. The city’s enthusiasm for new, tech-based solutions has led observers to refer to it as the “Innovation City of Africa”. The overall theme for the 17th edition of eLearning Africa is: “Education Fuels Innovation, Investment Amplifies Skills: Africa’s Vibrant Leap Forward”.

Representatives of the DRM South Africa Group, Fraunhofer IIS and Starwaves will present the DRM ELearning project and will continue the fruitful discussions started on the crucial theme of education for Africa, in Dakar, Senegal, last year. Receivers and more information on DRM for Elearning will be available at the DRM booth which is to be found at the German pavilion.


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