Your Questions Answered: Recently you announced a new low-cost and low-energy DRM module

Recently you announced a new low-cost and low-energy DRM module. How low cost and small is this module?

(Indonesian digital radio expert)

The jointly developed CML Micro/Cambridge Consultants module is a single component ready to implement a full DRM capable broadcast receiver covering all bands. Its is about 48mm x 28mm x 3mm in size and it can tune 150kHz to 108MHz with no-gaps while supporting AM/FM/DRM reception. It uses less than 350mW power consumption at 60% volume driving a 1W speaker in all use cases – so there is no power penalty compared with analogue receivers. It supports EWF. The use of module includes a license to use all relevant patents and IP as used in the DRM standard. The module is a pre-engineered building block to allow local manufacturers to bring to their own markets affordable receivers that bring excellent benefits of power, size, cost and ease of use. More on

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