DRM Mix for European listeners

DRM supporter company Spaceline Ltd, Bulgaria, has started a special broadcast in DRM mode, called DRM Mix. The project is intended to demonstrate reception quality to the listeners presenting variety of programmes from different broadcasters who wish to participate in this project.

Spaceline will be transmitting DRM Mix every Saturday from its station Noratus in Armenia from 18.00 – 21.00 UTC on 7590 KHz and the target area is Europe.  Broadcasts this Saturday will be of KBC Radio;  TWR;  AWR; Wavescan,  HCJB World Radio and great music from the 70’s.

This project was announced during the B11 HFCC conference and 30-minute slots are being made available free of charge to the HFCC broadcasters who are willing to participate. It is open to  members of the DRM Consortium and other broadcasters too.

The technical information and project flyer which can be also found on: http://www.spaceline.bg/drmmix.html.
Listen to a trailer of the upcoming BBC programmes on the DRM Mix from November 26th
For any other information, please contact: info@sapceline.bg


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