DRM suggested as possible companion to DAB+ in Australia

The findings of the Review of Technologies for Digital Radio in Regional Australia was published after the Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy and the local media authority (ACMA) published a discussion paper and canvassed submissions into the possible roll-out of digital radio in Australia.

The submissions to the review highlighted the desire of the radio industry, organisations and members of the public to see digital radio rolled out to regional areas of Australia. Submissions acknowledged that there are a number of issues, such as availability of suitable spectrum, terrain diversity and technical limitations associated with such a rollout.

Among the key findings of the recently published results, was a preference for DRM (DRM30 in the medium frequency bands and/or DRM+ in the very high frequency bands) to supplement DAB+ services in regional areas. DRM was acknowledged as a spectrum-efficient technology with relatively low transmission costs and the flexibility to operate across a number of broadcasting bands. A number of contributors expressed a preference for DRM (either DRM30 or DRM+) to supplement regional coverage if DAB+ is unable to provide effective coverage in regional areas. The full report is available online at www.dbcde.gov.au/regionaldigitalradio


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