DRM Present at Top African Digital Radio Event

Broadcast Media Africa (broadcastmediaafrica.com) has announced its Radio And Digital Audio Broadcasting Convention Africa 2023 for Tuesday 04 July – Wednesday 05 July 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This is one of first in-person pan-African events dedicated (after Covid) to digital radio. It comes now when radio and media broadcasters and practitioners across Africa focus increasingly on the dynamics of the new media environment and how digital radio can deliver extra benefits and improve lives through one of the top information media of the continent. DRM Representatives will be present at a small booth ready to answer questions and demonstrate clear advantages of DRM, like its role in delivering education where internet is not available.

The event is organised in conjunction with the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) and the DRM Consortium has become part of the organising Board of Broadcast Media.

DRM South African Group and Consortium representatives will make presentations on DRM as the flexible choice for digital radio roll-out and full-country coverage in Africa. They will also participate in discussions on the benefits of DRM and its role in a cohesive Digital Sound Broadcasting infrastructure for Africa.

Key industry representatives from countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Zimbabwe. Seychelles, Cameroon, UK, France etc. will also participate in this much anticipated event.


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