DRM receivers a huge draw at at IBC 2011

At DRM’s strongest ever presence at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, participants were given a unique opportunity to take part in a digital journey with DRM including practical demonstrations highlighting its benefits and features.  Three events were held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September at  the booths of Transradio, Nautel and Fraunhofer IIS (all DRM members) respectively which were well attended and well-received.  The new receiver solutions presented at these events were a huge attraction that made these events a success.

The DRM Consortium had drawn up its most ambitious plan for IBC in Amsterdam this year. At the events spread over 3 days Consortium members, supporters and guests embarked on a digital journey that took them from the well known facts about DRM 30 and DRM+ to the latest international developments and to the new element – receivers and receiver prototypes.

At the Transradio booth on Saturday, 10th September, participants were constantly taking pictures of the ‘stand-alone’, ‘USB’, ‘car’ and ‘professional monitoring’ receivers displayed against the Transradio transmitters.  DRM enthusiasts had certainly not seen so many DRM receiver solutions in one place before.

On Sunday, the word had spread and over 60 people (many with cameras) witnessed the announcement made by Nautel of their new integrated transmitter. The highlight again was the receivers’ display which was topped with the traditional delicious cake with a big DRM+ decoration.

On Monday Frauhofer IIS hosted DRM for the first time at its booth and almost by popular demand gave the floor mainly to the receiver manufacturers Chengdu New Star, Frontier Silicon, Himalaya, MSWay and Uniwave, who had a chance to promote their solutions side by side.

In all, it was a very successful IBC for DRM which managed to showcase the full technology and also demonstrated that there are a variety of chipset and receiver solutions now available for international DRM markets.


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