DRM Releases New Corporate Video “The User’s Experience”


The DRM Consortium has just released a new corporate video focused on the user’s experience of digital radio and the great and many benefits offered by the open, all-bands Digital Radio Mondiale, DRM, standard.

The DRM – User’s Experience video has been created specifically to introduce the many other extra benefits that digital radio DRM brings to listeners. The video uses an accessible and humoristic story to illustrate all the advantages and extra services available to listeners through DRM, on all bands and at no extra cost: better audio quality and more content choice, emergency warning functionality, public signage and radio schooling, by using Journaline, the advanced text application of DRM digital radio services, which provides access information on-demand without the need for internet or mobile networks and in many languages, as it is fully based on Unicode.

This is a sequel to the corporate video released recently,  “DRM – From Studio to the Listener” which was addressing transmission and distribution issues and was mainly aimed at regulators, broadcasters and the industry. The energy efficiency of DRM transmissions explicitly highlighted in that video can now be individually checked by using the recently launched energy efficiency calculator.

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chairman, invites all those familiar with DRM, or who want learn more about the standard, to travel to the imaginary country of Integria, maybe a bit like yours, to meet new friends “whom you can follow without restrictions for 24 hours. You will learn how DRM educates, entertains, enhances, and even saves, their lives. A couple of dedicated DRM Consortium members have tried to introduce these advantages imaginatively by presenting them in an easy and fun way. We urge you to watch, share and smile with DRM, while learning about its great potential to improve the lives of so many all over the world.”


06 July 2021


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