DRM Successfully Releases New Energy Efficiency Calculator


The DRM Consortium has just launched a comprehensive and user-friendly calculator tool to determine how much energy can be saved by switching transmitters from analogue to digital DRM operation.

After an introduction from Ruxandra Obreja and Alexander Zink (Chairman and vice-chairman DRM Consortium), Simon Keens, Ampegon Power Electronics AG ( key Consortium member), introduced the DRM Energy Efficiency Calculator created using typical performance data from transmitter manufacturers. He demonstrated how the tool calculates total expected energy usage for up to ten transmitters by considering operational mode, time on-air, and broadcasting technique assessing the energy consumption and electricity costs, based upon local market information. By comparing data sets for both analogue and DRM digital operations, the over 50 participants in the zoom launch today could see concretely the potential (and huge) savings broadcasters might expect from switching over to DRM.

Another real life example supplied by Encompass Media Services showed a seven-figure reduced yearly electricity proving concretely how DRM can support broadcasters’ efforts to become more sustainable though green technology.

To find out more about the tool and how to get it for your use go  to: https://www.drm.org/energy-efficiency-calculator/ 

If you wish to view the zoom launch of the energy efficiency tool go to the DRM YouTube channel


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